Material Resin Terrazzo

Bali Maintenance Terrazzo provide various services and solutions regarding the problem of your terrazzo. Making new terrazzo with various forms and purposes as well as serving the interests for regular maintenance if needed.
Our highly skilled manpower in the field of terrazzo with more than 8 years experience in the field of terrazzo and natural stone. Knowledge of basic materials and the treatment to be carried out in the field of each ingredient so we take care to maintain the quality and quality of work we perform.
Here are the services we offer:
Making new terrazzo there are various forms that we can do, whether it’s nature that must be done in place / site or cast in the nature of semi-fabrication.

Among the new terrazzo products are:
– Terrazzo floors (using a cement or resin terrazzo).
– Terrazzo floors with motifs (using cement or resin terrazzo).
– Bathtub and Wastafel (using cement or resin terrazzo).
– Kitchen counter (using cement or resin terrazzo).
– Table counter (using cement or resin terrazzo).
– Shelves attached to wall (using cement or resin terrazzo).
– Bench or sofa (using cement or resin terrazzo).
– Terrazzo wall (using cement or resin terrazzo).
Repolishing is regular maintenance should be done if you are already visible terrazzo no longer shiny and in this stage are required filling in a small scale to cover the existing cavity (crystallization), this in some circumstances need to be done before the process of polishing done.
Recondition is another service we offer, in this process the existing terrazzo dismantled according to the desired area and then closed again with a new layer of terrazzo. This is done if the condition of existing terrazzo crack has a lot of experience and has reduced the value of the beauty of terrazzo itself.

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